Copa America | After awkward questions to James and Marcelo Bielsa, and appearing on ‘El Chiringuito’, Jaime Dinas reveals the next “madness”

Luc Williams

The player was approached by the journalist in the mixed zone, who asked him: “Genius, do you sleep with the night light on?” Laughing, James replied that he was just trying to help his teammates so that everything went well on the court. Later, Dinas asked him again: “What time do you rub the lamp?” Immediately afterwards, the number 10 of the Colombian National Team said “when you can”.

The journalist then pressed James: “But you bring her to the stadium?”. To which the midfielder replied: “Always. As I told you, I try to help my teammates to play well and well, I’m going through a good moment too.”

He then asked James if they should make him a gold cup for his left hand, the same one with which James has scored goals for the Colombian National Team. “No, no, I think that’s not enough for that. Thank you,” James replied.

This was the moment for Jaime Dinas’ questions to James Rodríguez:

Later, coach Marcelo Bielsa also seemed quite uncomfortable with the question and even urged a Uruguayan footballer to respond. These are the images:

The questions of the journalist from Valle del Cauca went so viral that they even appeared on , a famous sports program widely watched in Spain and Colombia. These are the images:

In , the journalist said that he did not find the questions he asked silly and assured that he bought a lamp to give to James Rodríguez and give it to him When I see him again in the mixed zone in dispute by Conmebol for Copa América 2024“As people were fascinated by the James theme, I bought a lamp, left it at the hotel and I’m going to give it to him and say: ‘genius, here is your lamp, rub it so we can be champions’. And that’s it, the subject is closed.”

See Jaime Dinas’ statements in on the controversy:

The journalist, who has attended many sporting events around the world, said that he has also asked Italian coach Carlo Ancelotti questions at press conferences and would like to interview him to find out why he does not continue singing. “The man sings,” he said.

Watch the full program analyzing Colombia vs. Uruguay for Copa América 2024:

Colombia and Uruguaytwo South American powers, will give each other no respite on Wednesday in a tough fight to win a place in the 2024 Copa América final in Miami (United States), where Messi’s Argentina awaits, eager to seal the continental championship and the triple crown.

Both teams arrive at the semifinals at the Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte with very different scenarios. Led by captain James Rodriguez, Colombia reached the semi-finals greatly strengthened by the 5-0 win over an unmatched Panama.

Instead, Uruguay He suffered a strong physical strain against Brazil in the quarterfinals and will have to show his pride like never before, as his defense is decimated, with Ronald Araújo injured and Nahitan Nández suspended.

Colombians and Celestes are responding to their status as favorites to win the Copa America: both have finished the group stage as leaders, although Uruguay with an ideal score of 9 points. The game starts at 7:00 pm Colombian time. The final will take place on Sunday, July 14.


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