New idea from ChatGPT creators: AI will have all your health data

Luc Williams

A new idea from the creators of ChataGPT

Sam AltmanManaging director OpenAI and Arianna Huffington (Thrive Global) just launched a new medical project: Thrive AI Health. The startup is to use artificial intelligence, to improve users’ habits and thus improve their health. The main goal of the project is to “eliminate inequalities in health care”. Altman and Huffington announced the start of the project in the American magazine “TIME”.

Thrive AI Health, or personalized healthcare

Thrive AI Health is said to provide health coaching by helping users with “small, everyday actions that add up to healthier habits.” The app will be based on biometrics, lab data, and other medical data that users choose to share. This will allow the AI ​​to learn user preferences, such as sleep patterns, favorite foods, exercise preferences, and the most effective ways to reduce stress.

Red Flags: ChatGPT Will Manage Your Health Data

Despite its promising potential, the project also raises concerns. California billionaire Sam Altman has a history of taking and locking up data, raising questions about securitykey health information million people. AI in medicine also poses challenges related to privacy and ethics.

Health Insurance and AI

Improving the health of users is not the only goal, however. As Altman and Huffington write, in the future the startup is to serve as a database for insurance companies. “Insurance companies are widely implementing AI solutions. They will be based on medical data collected for years in the system Thrive AI Health and similar (including AI Diet). This data will be used to calculate a personalized health insurance premium. The use of the system in health care has become mandatory, and previously entered data cannot be withdrawn,” we read.

Europe and AI Regulation

In Europe it was adopted AI Actwhich prohibits the use of medical data in insurance. This is a response to growing concerns about the use of AI in healthcare and patient data privacy. The European Parliament has adopted a regulation establishing European Health Data Space (EHDS)). It introduces a standard for maintaining, storing and sharing health data. – Thanks to this, if a patient goes to a doctor in another part of Europe, e.g. on holiday, they will be able to receive medical advice based on all their previous documentation – the economist explained in an interview for DGP Jan Oleszczuk-Zygmuntowski.

He also warned that if we in Europe do not take care of clear rules for collecting and sharing data, big tech will find a way to do it. – Big tech has people, infrastructure, they know how to operate AI models. They are ready to suck up data and analyze it. If we don’t take care of the safety nets for the system, in the future these companies will lay their hands on innovations – he said. Exactly as Sam Altman is trying to do today.

ByteDance buys hospitals

Thrive AI Health This is not the only example. As we wrote in “DGP” (“Big Med is Coming”), the owner TikTok, company ByteDance, buys a hospital chain, Spotify founder enters diagnostics, Amazon introduces a drug subscription, and Google launches AI tools to help discover new drugs. Medicine is becoming a gold mine for technology companies.

However, the projects have raised many controversies and questions about privacy and ethics. AI in medicine requires careful oversight and appropriate regulation to ensure that the benefits outweigh the potential risks.


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