Doroftei brothers sell their Las Vegas branded gambling business and invest in renewable energy.

Luc Williams

“We want to contribute to a greener and more sustainable future. We strongly believe in the potential of renewable energy and are convinced that our extensive business experience will help us make a significant change in this field,” said Mihai Doroftei.

The decision to switch to renewable energy was influenced by several key factors:

  • Adapting to legislative changes – the business environment has become unstable due to frequent changes in gambling regulations
  • Falling profitability – the industry’s profitability has been consistently declining recently.
  • Green Energy Opportunities – The global context favours renewable energy sources and offers significant prospects for growth and development.

Mihai Doroftei, who is also a Polish citizen, noticed the high demand for energy in the country resulting from the highest energy prices in the European Union and the great interest of investors such as Zygmunt Solorz, who as a shareholder of ZE PAK is involved in the construction of a 180-200 MW photovoltaic farm and investments in green hydrogen. Therefore, Mihai Doroftei does not intend to limit his renewable energy activities to the Romanian market. What is more, he is already in advanced talks on projects in Poland.

In addition to the partial sale of the Las Vegas Group assets, the Doroftei brothers are also considering a complete sale of these businesses. Advanced talks are already underway with potential buyers, reflecting the strong interest in these assets. They currently own renewable energy projects in the counties of Neamț, Botoșani and Brașov, with a combined capacity of over 128 MW and an investment value of over 130 million euros. These initiatives reflect a long-term strategy to support sustainable energy development and to exploit the growth potential of the green energy sector.

Moreover, their plans include expanding investments in this field to other regions.

“These investments will not only boost the local economy, but also create new jobs, contributing to the development of communities in the regions where we operate,” added Sorin Doroftei.

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With these initiatives, the two brothers want to become leaders in the green energy sector and contribute to a more sustainable and ecological economy. The large-scale projects in the aforementioned regions show their strong commitment to this new field.

The strategic shift from gambling to renewable energy reflects the brothers’ ability to adapt to new market conditions and their long-term vision. Significant investments and determination to succeed are helping them strengthen their position in the green energy sector, and the Doroftei brothers are striving to become leaders in a rapidly developing field that promises both economic and ecological benefits.


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