A legendary product from the Polish People’s Republic has a chance to conquer Western markets

Luc Williams

Ludwik – the leader in the dishwashing liquid market

Few brands from the Polish People’s Republic have survived to this day, but Ludwik, a dishwashing liquid that Poles have been using since 1964, managed to do so. “In addition, Ludwik is doing quite well: in terms of volume share, it had 31.2% of the market in 2023, which means it was the leader. In terms of value, it had 28.8% and second place,” reports “PB”.

The Polish manufacturer ranks fourth in universal cleaning agents. “The company estimates that its Buwi pastes give it 35 percent of the shoe cleaning product market. In the over-the-counter medicine segment, it is the leader in the wart-fighting market (Brodacit has 27.3 percent of the market) and ranks fourth among manufacturers of corn-fighting products (ABE has 4.7 percent of the market). In garden fertilizers, where it has several brands, including Florovit and Azofoska, the company is the leader with a 24.6 percent value share in the DIY channel,” reports “PB”.

Foreign expansion strategy

“Currently, exports account for 12% of revenues. Due to the situation in the East, we are heading West. In 2022, the important Russian and Belarusian markets will be eliminated. We continue to supply goods to Ukraine. We intend to appear in Western European countries, where we are almost completely absent today. We are thinking about Italy, Germany and France. We are starting the process of entering these markets,” Sławomir Józefiak, president of Grupa Inco, told “PB”.

The history and development of the Inco Group

“In 1947, the PAX Publishing Company was established, publishing historical, religious and Catholic books. The founder of the PAX association was Bolesław Piasecki and other activists of the pre-war National Radical Movement Falanga. In 1949, the publishing house expanded its activities. The Inco International Trade Society was established, which conducted production in the chemical, metal, wood and glass industries. In 1954, the Buwi brand was created – shoe and floor polish. In 1964, the formula for Ludwik dishwashing liquid was developed. In 1976, the Florovit organic fertilizer brand was established. In 2004, the company began producing dishwasher tablets. In 2019, the Inco Group transferred the PAX publishing house to the Civitas Christiana Church Foundation, which is its owner” – the company’s history was recalled in “PB”. (PAP)


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