The largest petrol stations in Poland. An important change in the top three companies

Luc Williams

Moya started 2024 as the fifth largest station chain in Poland, behind Orlen, bp, and the MOL and Shell networks. However, for several years now, the Polish chain has remained the undisputed leader in terms of network development dynamics. In 2023, Moya expanded by 49 stations, while the second fastest growing chain, Circle K, grew by 17 stations.

In the current year, according to the station ranking published monthly by ISBnews based on data from market operators, Moya continues to grow the fastest among domestic petrol station chains. In the first half of the year, it expanded by 26 stations and was practically the only network among the six largest in the country that increased its ownership during that time. The Orlen network did not change, bp grew by one station, and the remaining largest networks: MOL, Shell and Circle K, are smaller today than at the end of 2023.

As a result, at the end of March this year, Moya equaled the number of stations with the Shell network, and at the end of April it clearly overtook it. At the end of June, the network managed by Anwim overtook another rival and for the first time found itself in third place among the largest retail market operators.

Since 2009, Anwim has been managing an independent network of petrol stations under the Moya brand, which at the end of 2023 had 450 outlets and was the fifth largest petrol station network in Poland. The plans assume expanding the network to 500 facilities by 2024 and to 800 in 2030.

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