Exploring GPT-4.0: innovation and accessibility in AI Exploring GPT-4.0: innovation and accessibility in AI

Luc Williams

If something defines the artificial intelligence (AI) It is the dynamism with which it seems to improve and surpass itself more quickly. If anything is proof, it is the latest version of Open AI's AI model, known as GPT-4o.

Just announced in May 2024, this new iteration of GPT-4o (omni) promises to put an end to some of the limitations that characterized its predecessors; For example, it will prioritize a more natural interaction between human and computer, and expand the level of accessibility of AI to a greater number of users and content formats.

In the remote case that you don't even know what Chat GPT is, don't worry, why don't you keep reading and find out about the latest trend in AI? If, on the other hand, you understood perfectly and are ready to learn more about GPT-4o, then this article is definitely for you.

Towards Chat GPT innovation

As is to be expected with each new version of an artificial intelligence model, GPT-4o has come to resolve and optimize some of the main shortcomings of the previous model. In case you don't know, GPT is the intelligence engine behind Chat GPT.

If you are also wondering what Chat GPT is and why it has not stopped appearing in trends in the last year, we will tell you here: broadly speaking, this AI tool is trained to receive instructions from users, as of a chatbot, and provide detailed and accessible responses.

What has been improved with GPT-4o?

More than two years after the first version of this tool, GPT-4o will stand out from the previous ones for being natively multimodal, having very low latency and allowing real-time interactions. Furthermore, and to the joy of many users, this model will be available for free to all Chat GPT users.

Thus, we can observe seven main benefits in this new model:

  • Offers virtually instant responses
  • It has multimodal processing, which allows it to understand both what you write and what you enter in video, image and audio formats.
  • You will be able to respond with different tones of voice and will show something similar to emotions, which will bring this experience closer to an interaction with a real person.
  • It will perform translations in real time to facilitate simultaneous conversation.
  • It will be free eventually, improving the level of accessibility of AI.
  • Will significantly improve text responses in more than 20 different languages
  • For paying users, there will still be benefits, such as early access to this model and a higher number of requests.

GPT-4o at the service of developers

All these optimizations not only benefit users, of course. And a good part of the people most interested in knowing the progression of Chat GPT are software developers and engineers.

Probably the main reason for this renewed interest, at least according to Product Director, Open AI API, Olivier Godementis the ease with which developers will be able to integrate the tool into their models and applications.

On the one hand, the greater sophistication seen in GPT-4o It will also involve more accurate documentation and code generation, as well as a vast improvement in AI's ability to follow complex code instructions. On the other hand, having increased the speed of performance of this new model, companies could expect a significant cost reduction and a greater degree of operational efficiency.

Finally, Open AI was quick to ensure the viability of using GPT-4o in all kinds of industries and projects. “Any application that is doing personal assistance tasks, such as educational assistance, or that relies on the use of audio, will automatically benefit,” Godement said.

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