Following Andrés Sarabia’s complaint against journalist Alejandro Villanueva, lawyer Iván Cancino stops his “bravado”

Luc Williams

Iván Cancino, lawyer of journalist Alejandro Villanueva, referred to the complaint that Andrés Sarabia made before the Prosecutor’s Office against the journalist for the crimes of libel and slander.

In the lawyer Cancino, ‘‘He uncovered his cards’ to defend his client, the journalist Alejandro Villanueva.

It seems to me that, to file a simple complaint, which today can be done online, they go, present a press conference, put on a show., to try to make the bad guy of the movie a young journalist. And I must protect those things and we are going to defend him by showing that what he did was a valid question, with a source that is obviously protected and also that it is not the only source and that we have to take care of freedom of expression in Colombia. . Alejandro did not step out of the line of freedom of expression at any time,” highlighted lawyer Cancino.

In this sense, the jurist Cancino was emphatic in saying that, perhaps, what they are surely looking for with their client Villanueva is for him to end up recanting after what was said against Andrés Sarabia. “What you cannot do is go out with bravado at press conferences to intimidate a young journalist.because you will always find people who support you and who can magnify something that should not be magnified,” he said.

And Cancino added: “That habit of victimizing oneself in front of Alejandro Villanueva“Well, it’s not going to be the right one and we’re not going to allow a young journalist to be run over.”

“The first thing we are going to see is what he –Andrés Sarabia– considers that Alejandro should recant. When they tell us what he thinks he should retract, We will analyze it, but with the peace of mind of knowing that everything was backed up by sourcesin statements from other people,” highlighted the lawyer.

It is worth noting that, in dialogue with , Andrés Sarabia assured that he does not have any influence peddling network within Gustavo Petro’s government, emphasizing that he is being a victim of a smear campaign through various WhatsApp chains and fake news.

“Since my retirement from UTL, I provide advice to the private sector and I have not had meetings nor have I made any representations to government entities or officials. The ALA company was created to provide exclusive advice in the private sector and has never had links or ties with any state entity.”said Sarabia.


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