Cybersecurity: cooperation and education are the key to success – interview with Marietta Gieroń, chairwoman of the CYBERSEC CEE EXPO & FORUM 2024 program board

Luc Williams

New initiative and international cooperation Yesterday, an important event for the future of Polish cybersecurity took place – the signing of a letter of intent with the European Cybersecurity Organization (ECSO) under the patronage of the Ministry of Digitization. Marietta Gieroń explained that this is a key moment because at the beginning of next year Poland takes over the presidency of the Council of the European Union. Cybersec, as a platform for concluding alliances and establishing relationships, decided to create a new initiative aimed at strengthening cooperation with ECSO, the Ministry of Digitization, business, the military sector and think tanks.

Goals and steps of cooperation

The cooperation assumes the organization of discussion panels and consultations that will concern Poland’s strategy in the Council of the European Union. The aim is to gather voices from various sectors to find the best solutions. Meetings are planned in Krakow, Warsaw and Brussels this fall, and their culmination will be next year’s Cybersec in Krakow.

Digital diplomacy and information exchange

Prime Minister Gawkowski emphasized the importance of digital diplomacy and international exchange of information. Marietta Gieroń emphasized that cybersecurity requires reporting incidents and cooperation, especially in the context of disinformation, which is a global problem.

Without cooperation at the EU level, achieving unified regulations and effective exchange of information would be impossible.

Regulations and challenges for companies

Currently, numerous regulations are being introduced, such as the NIS II directive, which impose new obligations on companies. Gieroń noted that small and medium-sized enterprises often do not have the funds to implement these regulations. The Ministry of Digitization has a key role here to support companies and help them implement these requirements, avoiding situations like in the case of GDPR, where some companies preferred to risk financial penalties rather than introduce new regulations.

Educating the public

Cybersecurity is as strong as its weakest element – ​​people. Educating society and increasing digital awareness are key. Gieroń emphasized that the media have a huge role in informing and promoting educational campaigns for different age groups. Companies should also invest in training, and local governments should be supported by the Ministry of Digital Affairs in organizing such initiatives.

Actions for the future

Cybersec, as a think tank and conference organizer, is intended to support society and build awareness of cyber threats. Apart from the conference, workshops are organized to educate and make people aware of digital threats.


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