Frosts and hail destroyed crops. 145 communes in the Lublin region reported losses amounting to tens of millions of zlotys

Luc Williams

The Lublin Voivodeship Office announced in a press release that Voivode Krzysztof Komorski met on Monday with local government officials from the municipalities affected by the effects. unfavorable weather phenomena. The meeting was also attended by, among others: director general of the National Center for Support for Agriculture, Henryk Smolarz, director of the Lublin branch of the Agency for Restructuring and Modernization of Agriculture, Andrzej Romańczuk.

“We are constantly monitoring the situation. The climate is changing before our eyes, it is happening weather anomaliesand therefore, such unpleasant events affect “small homelands+” countries, their inhabitants, farms, orchards,” emphasized the voivode quoted in the release.

Weather anomalies hit farms

Frosts affected the Lublin region on April 23-26 this year, and appeared in May hail. Biggest damage to farms were caused in the following communes: Niedrzwica Duża, Chodel, Opole Lubelskie. “145 communes in our voivodeship reported losses (68% of all communes),” the voivodeship office reported. The greatest damage occurred in orchards and berry plantations.

In 137 communes, these were losses caused by spring frosts. However, in 21 communes there was hail rainfall, of which 13 of these communes also experienced frosts earlier.

Farmers from the Lublin region are counting their losses

Preliminary, partial reports sent by 64 out of 145 municipal offices indicate that the damage was caused natural disasters affected 3.7 thousand farms in which the area of ​​damaged crops reached 5.7 thousand ha. Value of estimated losses currently amounts to over PLN 35 million.

The voivodeship office stated that the final losses will certainly be greater due to the ongoing work of the estimating committees and the lack of complete data.

Proposals for injured farms

Possible forms of assistance for injured farms include: preferential loans for resuming production, deferral of KRUS (KRUS) contributions, agricultural tax relief, rent relief from lease agreements for State Treasury agricultural real estate. (PAP)

author: Gabriela Bogaczyk


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