Germany throws down the gauntlet to China. Siemens will build the largest wind turbine in the world

Luc Williams

The company intends to build a marine generator capable of generating approximately 21 megawatts of power. Windmills with such power will be able to defeat the largest machines offered by Chinese competitors, say Bloomberg sources who asked not to be identified due to the private nature of the information.

The planned unit will be approximately 40 percent more powerful than the company's current largest turbine, whose blades are 115 meters long.

Is this a resumption of the race for giant turbines?

Move Siemens may resume the race among Western companies towards releasing larger and larger ones to the marketyn, which was put on hold because the industry had been struggling with serious losses in recent years. In the Siemens Energy wind unit there is confusion due to supply chain bottlenecks, rising costs and quality issues.

30 million euros in subsidies, but no results are visible

Last year, the European Union awarded Siemens Gamesa EUR 30 million to test the “most powerful wind turbine prototype in the world” at the Osterild facility in Denmark. However, the terms of the grant did not include any details about the size of the turbine or the date of its potential market launch.

We will make the final decision to install a new product in a commercial project only after thorough testing” – a Siemens Energy spokesman said in a statement.


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