How to train children and young people with life skills?

Luc Williams

In Colombia, 30 percent of school-age people are not studying, according to the Educational Economics Laboratory (LEE), of the Javeriana University. The main causes are associated with the lack of places, the economic situation of families and the lack of motivation of young people to study.

To reduce these numbers, Comfama is committed to guaranteeing an education that transforms and connects people with the search for purposes during all stages of life so that learning is a door that allows the discovery of talents and comprehensive progress.

With its pedagogical proposal, the Antioquia Family Compensation Fund promotes project-based learning that seeks to educate each child from their potential. In preschools, through the use of teaching tools such as games, they develop skills that allow boys and girls to be more aware of their environment, their emotions and themselves.

Another of Comfama’s initiatives is Cosmo Schools, a network of schools that offers education in ten experience centers in the Aburrá Valley and Oriente. Since its creation in 2020, this training initiative has placed the student at the center of the experience through an innovative educational model that adapts to the pace of its students.

“We have a connection with the digital world and computational thinking, we develop creativity through the body and art, we cultivate curiosity and joy in learning,” said Stefanía Rodríguez Campo, Learning and Communications leader at Cosmo.

Additionally, with their approach based on active learning and neuroscience, they motivate students to investigate and develop creativity in a collaborative and experiential environment with which they acquire skills to solve real-world challenges. With these new dynamics they have made studying a totally different experience for more than 3,500 children and young people from Medellín and some surrounding towns.

To delve deeper into this differential educational method Juan Manuel Restrepo, director of Cosmo Schools, will explain how it is possible to transform education in Colombia. Connect this November 8 to the digital conversation ‘Comfama and the future of education, inspiring learning’.

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