Industrial production in May. What do the latest Central Statistical Office data for May 2024 show?

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Analysts polled by PAP Biznes expected production to increase by 1.5% in May. y/y and a decline of 1.8%. mdm. Unfortunately industrial production decreased by 1.7%. y/y, and compared to the previous month it decreased by 4.6%, the Central Statistical Office reported.

Industrial production after eliminating seasonal factors

After eliminating the influence seasonal factorsin May sold production of industry amounted to 0.7 percent. higher than in the same month last year and by 2.1 percent. lower compared to April.

Industrial production results for May and April

An increase in sold production in May was recorded in 14 sectors of the economy, a decrease in 19, the Central Statistical Office reported

According to preliminary data, in May 2024, an increase in sold production (at constant prices) was recorded in 14 industry sectors – reported the Central Statistical Office. The decline in production occurred in 19 departments.

“Growth sold production of industry, compared to May last year, appeared in 14 departments, including: in the production of chemicals and chemical products – by 7.1%, in waste management; recovery of raw materials – by 6.0%, in the production of computers, electronic and optical products – by 5.5%, other transport equipment – ​​by 4.9%, products made of wood, cork, straw and wicker – by 3, 3 percent, food products – by 2.2 percent,” it was written in the release.

“A decrease in sold production (at constant prices) was recorded in 19 (out of 34) industry sectors, including in the production of electrical equipment – by 29.7%, in the mining of hard coal and lignite (lignite) – by 13.4%. percent, in the production of machinery and equipment – by 8.2 percent, metal products – by 8.0 percent, metals – by 6.9 percent, beverages – by 6.3 percent, furniture – by 5, 0 percent, in the repair, maintenance and installation of machines and devices – by 3.7 percent. – added.

Industrial turnover in Poland decreased by 17.0% year-on-year in March.

Industry turnover in Poland in March they fell by 17.0 percent y/y. compared to an increase of 13.5%. a year earlier, a export and export turnover decreased by 17.2 percent compared to an increase of 9.3%. a year earlier – the Central Statistical Office reported in its quarterly report.

Share of exports in total turnover in Poland was 35.3%, just like a year ago.

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