“It is very sad”: controversy after prosecutor Luz Adriana Camargo spoke of “mild violence” in cases of domestic violence

Luc Williams

After a debate on political control in the Congress of the Republic, due to domestic violence, There was controversy after statements by Attorney General Luz Adriana Camargo.

The head of the prosecuting entity made a particular proposal regarding the principles of opportunity for those responsible for crimes of domestic violence, in facts “mild” and as a way to rebuild the “social fabric”, a solution to the acts of violence that leave women as victims.

“This is already being applied, What happens with domestic violence is that there are minor violences that we do not want to escalate into serious violence, that can end in femicide. What we are doing there is applying principles of opportunity with temporary, not definitive, ones that allow us to monitor how these commitments made by the aggressor progress and that allow us to rebuild the social fabric,” Camargo said.

“I was very upset. It’s not a bother, it’s seeing how Congress has been moving forward approving laws that protect women, eliminating vicarious violence, political violence, removing any principle of opportunity and cases of feminicide and legislative advances; advances of this body as important as Congress. “To feel that there is no support from the Prosecutor’s Office, it is truly very sad,” said the congresswoman.

The representative also stated that opening the possibility of a principle of opportunity in cases of domestic violence exists, ends up ignoring everything that happens behind the cycles of gender-based violence.

“The Prosecutor’s Office is proposing that the aggressors, who call ‘mild violence’, can access principles of opportunity so that they do not end up being judged and a social fabric can be ‘repaired’. These statements really surprise me. Seeing, first, the cases that exist in the country and not recognizing what it means psychologically to be a victim of domestic violence,” Sánchez added.

Therefore, Congresswoman Sánchez questioned what the institutional capacity of the Prosecutor’s Office is. so that this principle of opportunity occurs, which “implies psychological support, support for the victim.”

It is worth mentioning that the victims who survived the attacks or the families of those who were murdered told how the women managed to realize the danger they suffered; However, despite taking the complaints to the Prosecutor’s Office, the response was insufficient, precarious, null. They stayed waiting for the protection they came to seek.


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