When will America get an electric car for PLN 25,000? hole.? The rest of the world has long had cheaper models

Luc Williams

Price BYD Seagull in China it is about 10 thousand. dollars, in Europe Dacia Spring costs from 20 thousand dollars, in Brazil Renault Kwid e-Tech costs 19 thousand dollars, and in South Korea KiaRay – 22 thousand dollars. Against this background, the prices of electric cars in the United States are exceptionally high.

So where is the US $25,000 electric vehicle? dollars? In short, soon, although at first glance it seems unlikely.

Car prices in the US are rising

Overall, vehicle prices in the U.S. have increased to an average of around $47,000. dollars, with electric models costing much more. Even with price cuts, the country’s best-selling electric sedan, Tesla’s Model 3, costs at least $40,000. dollars.

However, in the face of signs slowdown in growth in the premium electric vehicle market manufacturers started working on switching production from luxury cars to practical and cheaper cars. The industry’s new goal is an economical electric car worth PLN 25,000. dollars. According to announcements, many models of such cars are expected to hit the roads within the year.

General Motors is modernizing the Chevy Bolt

The current U.S. leader in electric vehicle affordability may be the new electric version Chevy Equinox. The SUV has a range of 530 km and costs approximately PLN 42,000. dollars, excluding federal tax credits that can reduce the price by $7,500. The cost of the basic model, available later this year, may be below PLN 28,000. dollars.

This relatively cheap car will soon be overtaken by the updated one Chevy Bolt. GM’s new president of North America, Marissa West, says Bolt will be “the cheapest vehicle on the market by 2025”.

The original Bolt, which GM discontinued this year, was Tesla has been the most popular electric vehicle alternative to Tesla for the last seven years in the US. This unassuming car was known for its mediocre ride quality, limited range and slow charging, but it gained a loyal following with an unmatched starting price of $26,500 before allowances.

According to GM, the updated Bolt reduces production costs while improving charging times. The new Bolt version will use a new North American charging standard compatible with Tesla superchargers, as well as low-cost lithium iron phosphate batteries on GM’s new Ultium EV platform.

Price and specifications haven’t been announced, but it’s a likely contender for the car’s title $25,000.

Stellantis and Jeep Renegade for PLN 25,000. dollars

Stellantiswhich has delayed offering electric models in the U.S., “coming soon” will introduce an electric Jeep for PLN 25,000 to the market. dollars, as announced by CEO Carlos Tavares at a conference in Bernstein on May 29.

Stellantis later confirmed that the electric vehicle would take over the Jeep Renegade brand and be one of at least three new Jeeps on sale in the U.S. by 2027.

This year, Stellantis brought its first electric vehicles to the United States: subcompact Fiat 500e for PLN 32.5 thousand dollars and Wagoneer S, whose prices start at PLN 70,000. dollars. Costing 25 thousand dollars, the new model would be the cheapest Jeep of all types available in the US.

“If you ask me how inexpensive (battery electric vehicle) is, I would say $20,000. euro in Europe and 25 thousand dollars in the US,” Tavares said. “Our task is therefore to bring a safe, clean and affordable BEV to the USA – for PLN 25,000. dollars – we will do it.

Ford cars are back on the drawing board

After being burned by high costs and unsatisfactory demand for the first two electric vehicles Ford changed course. The company cut spending on battery-powered models by $12 billion, postponed construction of battery factories and delayed the introduction of the F-Series electric pickup truck and three-row SUV until 2026 and 2027, respectively.

Considering it big electric SUVs and pickup trucks are too expensive for mainstream customers, Ford is now thinking about smaller vehicles. Two years ago, the company quietly began working on a more affordable line of electric vehicles.

According to reports that first appeared in Bloomberg Businessweek and were later confirmed by CEO Jim Farley, the first of three new electric vehicles on the new platform will appear at the end of 2026., and its starting price will be approximately PLN 25,000. dollars.


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