New electricity rates from July 2024. What changes await households?

Luc Williams

The office reminded that until the end of June this year individual customers are charged a net price for selling energy at a frozen level of PLN 412/MWh (up to specific electricity consumption limits). According the energy voucher actin the second half of 2024 this price will increase to PLN 500/MWh (regardless of the level of energy consumption).

Components of the energy bill

URE explains that the total amount of the electricity bill consists of: costs of energy purchase and costs of its distribution (transport). This second component of the bill will be unfreezed from July 1, which means that the fee for energy supply will increase from PLN 289/MWh to PLN 430/MWh. At the same time, this fee will be charged in the second half of this year. will be reduced by the so-called the capacity fee rate, which in 2024 for households ranges from PLN 2.66 to PLN 14.9 net per month (the rate is a lump sum and its amount depends on the annual electricity consumption of a given customer). The capacity fee until December 31, 2024 will be PLN 0.

No more freezing energy prices

“From July 1, 2024, we will enter… a mechanism for the gradual unfreezing of energy sales prices for households. The situation on the raw material markets (coal, gas) is clearly stabilizing, which translates into lower long-term volatility of electricity prices in wholesale trade, which in turn has a positive impact on the formation of electricity prices,” said the president of URE, Rafał Gawin, quoted in the press release.

“There is therefore no justification for continuing to maintain frozen, non-market price rates for electricity and gas,” he added.

The impact of energy vouchers on energy bills

As reported by URE, “from July 1 to December 31, 2024, the electricity bill in a household whose annual consumption does not exceed 2 MWh will increase by PLN 27.50 net per month.”

Energy voucher act assumes the introduction of a maximum price for electricity in the period July-December 2024 at the level of PLN 500/MWh for households.

Energy voucher for the financially weakest households

Accordance with the law energy voucher will be a one-off cash benefit intended for lower-income households, paid in the second half of 2024. The amount of the voucher will depend on the number of people in the household. And yes, single-person households support in the amount of PLN 300 will be provided, double and triple rooms – 400 PLN, households with from four to five people they will receive PLN 500, a six-person rooms and larger – PLN 600. If they are used in the household heating sources powered by electricitythe value of the energy voucher will increase by 100 percent. Depending on the size of the farm, the support will range from PLN 600 to PLN 1,200.

Income thresholds and the “PLN for PLN” principle

The new regulations provide for two income thresholds: up to PLN 2,500 for single-person households and up to PLN 1,700 per person for multi-person households. The “zloty for zloty” rule will apply to the payment of the voucher. This means that the voucher will be awarded even after exceeding the income criterion, but its value will be reduced by the amount of this exceedance. (PAP)

author: Łukasz Pawłowski


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