Poles love travel souvenirs. The study results are impressive

Luc Williams

Poles’ travel plans for 2024

According to the study, 3/4 of Poles, just like last year, are planning a trip of several days or longer this year, most often to Poland.

It was reported that 58% of respondents who travel do their grocery shopping after arriving at their destination. However, every fourth person prefers to buy some things in advance and take them with them, and buy the rest on the spot, most often in a chain store, regardless of whether they know the store or not (46%). “Slightly fewer people prefer to go to a chain store that they know from their place of residence,” it was emphasized.

However, more than 1/3 of Poles prefer local and regional stores to get acquainted with local products.

The role of shopping as a form of spending free time

The report noted that shopping during the holidays is also “a unique way of spending free time”. 66% of respondents indicated that they like to spend their free time shopping. Tourists most often choose souvenir shops and stands (44%), shopping streets (43%), and local markets (38%).

The study shows that 87 percent Poles buy souvenirs when traveling. “We most often make such purchases at stands and stalls. These are most often spontaneous purchases – only every third Pole who leaves checks the local offer before leaving,” it was explained.

Reduced willingness to save on holiday shopping

It was noted that the percentage of travelers who intend to save on holiday shopping decreased (a change from 47% to 37% compared to last year).

Inquiry is a Polish market research agency. Since 2019, Inquiry has been cooperating with the international company YouGov, being its exclusive representative in Poland.

The survey was conducted in June 2024 on a representative sample of 1,012 adult Poles using the CAWI method (online survey on the YouGov panel). (PAP)


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