The costs of everyday shopping are rising. How much has the price of the average Pole's May basket increased?

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The Central Statistical Office data quoted in the report shows that average price of consumer goods and services y/y increased by 2.5%, and compared to the previous month by 0.1%. It was noted that most experts make forecasts inflation increase in the second half of the year.

The study published on Monday shows that average purchase price containing the most popular articles in May this year. increased by PLN 2.12 and amounted to PLN 297.42. It was reported that price increases were recorded in 8 chains, while in the remaining 5, the prices of the tested products were lower than in April this year. The largest increase in the average value of the “basket” took place in the store chain Auchan (7.93%), while the largest decline was in stores Intermarche (3.31%). On an annual basis, an increase in prices of the tested products was observed in 8 out of 13 analyzed chains. The largest price increase was recorded online Lidl, in which the average price of the basket in May this year higher by PLN 74.59 than last year. (increase by 29.90%). In turn, price declines were recorded in the Kauflad chain (7.33%), Selgros Cash & Carry (6.23%), E.Leclerc (5.53%), Dino (1.47%) and Biedronka ( 1.11 percent). It was added that the average purchase price increased 0.79% y/y. from PLN 295.10 in May last year to PLN 297.42 in May this year.

Shopping cart analysis: lowest and highest prices

The authors of the report indicated that by analyzing “shopping cart” based on the lowest product prices reported among all locations of the surveyed chains, the consumer could pay PLN 215.17 (an increase of 22.3% y/y). Assuming the highest prices – PLN 363.68 (PLN 8.95 less y/y).

The difference between the cheapest and the most expensive basket in May this year. amounted to PLN 148.51 and is PLN 31.25 lower than in April this year. In turn, on an annual basis, the sum of the minimum basket in May this year was lower by 2.11%. than last year, while the “maximum basket” was in May this year. 3.25% cheaper y/y/

Price trends and promotions related to Euro 2024 and holidays

“In May, compared to April, the increase was less than 1 percent, and it was similar year-on-year. Our analysis also shows that prices increased in 8 out of 13 chains surveyed. In our opinion, we are now seeing some calming down of prices in the largest retail chains. Currently, sellers are trying to attract customers' attention with special campaigns related to the upcoming championship Euro 2024 in football. In the near future, as every year, consumers will be able to count on a lot seasonal offersas well as traditional ones promotionrelated to the upcoming summer and those starting soon holidays” – commented ASM Sales Force Agency expert Kamil Kruk.

Leaders of the lowest and highest prices in May

In May Auchan was the leader of the lowest prices, and the average cost of purchases in this chain was PLN 245.40, which is an increase of 18.03%. y/y (7.93% more than the cheapest basket in April this year) – the report said. She also made it to the podium Ladybird (increase in average value by PLN 5.54) and Kaufland (increase by PLN 38.13). The highest value of the shopping “basket” in May was observed online Polomarket, where the tested set of products had to be paid PLN 328.15.

Price increases and drops in various product categories

In May this year y/y 4 out of 10 analyzed product categories increased in price, and these were drinks, loose products, stimulants, beer and sweets. On a y/y scale the biggest price drop recorded fatty products (20.97%), frozen foods (2.84%), dairy products (1.01%), additives (0.55%), household chemicals and cosmetics (0.24%) and meat, cold cuts and fish (0.17%). It was added that the prices of drinks increased the most year on year (18.80%). According to the calculations of the authors of the analysis, the prices of loose products increased by 7.20 percent, stimulants and beer by 4.33 percent. and sweets by 2%. The smallest price difference was observed in the meat, cold cuts and fish category (decrease by 0.17%).

Comparison of the lowest and highest product prices in retail chains

The report shows that when analyzing minimum product prices, the leader in May this year was there was Biedronka, which offered 19 out of 40 selected products at the lowest prices. Next came the Auchan chain with 10 products, Kaufland with 8 and Dino with 3. In turn, most of the most expensive products could be found in the Intermarche (17), Net (11) and Carrefour (5) chains.

In accordance with the adopted methodology, the Shopping Basket Study and Report analyzed the prices of a sample shopping basket, which included the most popular FMCG items from basic categories (i.e. dairy products, meat, cold cuts and fish, drinks, sweets, beer, household chemicals, cosmetics and others ).

ASM Sales Force Agency examines the prices of the same 40 products in 13 retail chains, both in traditional stores and in the e-commerce channel. The ASM Sales Force Agency study includes a comparison of prices of analogous FMCG products (same brands and with the same weights) from various categories, in stationary stores, online stores and the so-called hybrids (i.e. networks selling both online and offline). (PAP)

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