Walter Zúñiga, mayor of Miranda (Cauca), confessed that he is “looking for leverage” to improve his security scheme

Luc Williams

The department of Cauca is currently experiencing a very delicate social situation, as a result of the wave of violence that is being recorded in its territory. The self-proclaimed Central General Staff (EMC) of the FARC dissidents has attacked the civilian population and the public force in recent hours.

To tell how the situation is in that area of ​​the country, the mayor of the municipality of Miranda, Walter Zúñiga, spoke exclusively with Vicky in SEMANA and assured that the situation is quite critical, emphasizing that things in his town have worsened in the last month.

“In the last 35 days they have placed two car bombs on us, one at the entrance of the town and another near the Apolo command military base, while this week we were victims of an explosive device, which left a minor dead and his mother seriously injured.”he initially stated.

Despite the strong wave of violence in his territory, the local leader told this media that he currently does not have a security scheme. He even confessed that he is looking for someone to help him within the UNP to obtain more protection.

“I have the accompaniment of only one police officer. The respective risk study was carried out in an extraordinary way, but knocking on the door at UNP is complex. Here we are also looking for leverage for that. “It is time that I have not been given a scheme,” Zúñiga added.

The mayor of Miranda was emphatic in calling on the National Government, led by President Gustavo Petro, to make a comprehensive intervention in the department of Cauca and combat the violent, all in order to achieve peace in these territories.

300 criminal actions

was able to see the report that the National Army delivered to the monitoring system between the government and the FARC dissidents, Central General Staff. The document indicates that the criminal group has committed 319 violent actions in two months (between March 17 and May 14).

Additionally, indicates that 63 were attacks against the public force, 44 cases of proselytism, 28 installations of improvised explosive devices, 27 homicides, 21 kidnappings and eight cases of recruitment, among others.


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