Average advertising price at this year’s Euro. The stakes are high

Luc Williams

According to Kamil Krupa, an expert from the Media Direction OMD media house, the advertising market always focuses heavily on large sporting events. “They are heavily watched and followed by the audience, so it is natural that advertisers, especially the largest ones, try to present themselves in the environment of the event itself (…). Broadcasters have been reading advertisers’ behavior well for many years,” he added.

When asked by PAP about when airtime is the most expensive, Krupa emphasized that the situation is not clear.

Advertising price on TVP in Euro

“Telewizja Polska, as the main broadcaster of Euro in Poland, has published an offer containing the prices of individual matches. Importantly, it is important to remember that each match will usually be broadcast on TVP1 or TVP2 and on TVP Sport, so when purchasing an advertising broadcast, we will have it simultaneously on two publicly available channels. Average price 30 sec. advertising spot for this year’s Euro is approximately 122.5 thousand. zloty RC (Rate Card – starting price – PAP)” – said the expert.

Kamil Krupa pointed out that the price for an advertising spot varies depending on the stage of the competition and whether it will be a match with the participation of the Polish national team. “In the group phase, matches without the participation of Poles cost on average PLN 86,000 RC, and matches in this phase, but with the participation of Poles, cost approximately PLN 385,000 RC for one 30-second broadcast. As for the knockout phase, it is it is divided into 1/8 finals and here we have an average price of PLN 111,000 RC, the quarter-final stage with a price of approx. PLN 134,000 RC, the semi-final, where the spot costs approx 265 thousand RC PLN,” he explained.

The expert noted that the European Football Championship is one of the most expensive events from the perspective of advertisers. Comparable advertising prices can be seen for events such as the FIFA World Cup or the Volleyball World Championship, assuming that the Polish national team plays in them and is successful. He added that with ski jumping, which is very popular in Poland, average prices for an advertising spot are approximately PLN 30,000. zloty.

Regarding the impact of advertising on product recognition, Krupa replied that it was difficult to assess.

“Adjusting the content of the advertising message and its form to the environment in which it will be shown always has a positive impact on the perception of the advertisement and the brand. This is a trend visible all over the world, and the best example of this is the Super Bowl (the final match for the championship in the American professional football league). NFL – PAP), where advertisers very often prepare a dedicated advertising spot that is used only for the broadcast of this one event. In our market, advertisers also follow this trend, as can be seen in the advertisements broadcast on the occasion of Euro 2024. Many brands have prepared advertisements in the context of Euro 2024. football, to better adapt their character to the specificity of the event. However, it must be remembered that not everyone decides on such a solution, only the largest ones, because the production of materials is an expensive process,” said the expert.

What is the advertising potential of the Paris Olympic Games?

Kamil Krupa also added that after the European Football Championships, the next major sports event will be the Olympic Games in Paris, where Telewizja Polska will also be the main broadcaster. However, he pointed out that this is an event with a much lower potential to attract an audience, which is visible in advertising prices.

The average price of a spot during the Olympics was 30 seconds. on the main antennas (TVP1 and TVP2) it is approximately 31 thousand. zloty RC. The most expensive issue costs approximately PLN 128,000. PLN RC and it is broadcast during a volleyball match with the participation of the Polish national team,” he said.

Prof. UW Tadeusz Kowalski, media expert and member of the National Broadcasting Council, said that sports events of this importance are a time for TV stations with broadcasting rights to build high reach, which, due to high viewership, favors increasing the prices of advertising.

“It is usually true that due to high advertising prices and special conditions related to the great interest of viewers, only large, wealthy companies can afford this type of advertising activities. At the same time, it is also an opportunity for those who enter the market, “either a new product is presented, or the company undergoes rebranding in order to gain a wide reach, to evoke in viewers an association with some logo, with some product, service or slogan that is available in the form of banners around the pitch or in advertisements broadcast during breaks” – commented Kowalski.

In the case of creating advertisements with a sports theme, tailored to the event, Kowalski pointed out that this is a good way to get closer to fans, but it also carries some risk.

“It is a good way to show that you are close to the fans and establish an emotional bond. However, you must be aware that this interest may also be subject to some evolution, depending on how our representatives play. If they are successful, then This is undoubtedly a very positive association, but if these successes are not there, the effect of memory repression may occur,” he said.

When asked about comparing the football championships to other sporting events, such as the Olympic Games, and advertising related to these events, Tadeusz Kowalski said that the Olympic Games are “a comprehensive review of the world of sports, many disciplines”, while in the case of the Euro, all fans look at one discipline. He added that each country has its own specificity in the popularity of sports, which translates into viewership.

“A Polish specificity in recent years has been the huge popularity of winter sports, especially ski jumping, which in many countries is not particularly noticeable at all. Now tennis is gaining great popularity in Poland thanks to the excellent achievements of Iga Świątek (…) The Super Bowl, in turn, attracts mass audience in the USA, but in Poland this type of sport is little known and it is difficult to expect that it will have a mass audience,” concluded Kowalski. (PAP)

Author: Piotr Gregorczyk


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