Chinese cars are conquering the Polish market

Luc Williams

Almost 10.6 thousand passenger cars and commercial vehicles of brands belonging to Chinese concerns were registered in Poland between January and the end of May 2024 – according to data provided to us by the Samar Automotive Market Research Institute quoted by “PB”. This means that Chinese cars achieved over 4%. share in the Polish market.

Wojciech Drzewiecki, president of Samar, explained that this is mainly due to the fact that to the Chinese owner – Geely concern – Volvo is well-known and popular in Poland. “It is Volvo’s results that make the share of brands belonging to Chinese companies so high,” he said.

Down Volvo, which registered over 8.3 thousand on the Vistula River in the analyzed period. cars, currently 3.3 percent the entire Polish market and as much as 79 percent Polish “Chinese” market – reported “PB”.

The second most popular Chinese brand is currently MG, which has been operating in Poland for only half a year. Nearly 1.9 thousand registered cars gives this brand 0.7 percent. the entire Polish market and nearly 18 percent Chinese piece of cake. The third city is occupied by BAIC. Within five months of this year, the brand found 274 buyers, which gives it 0.1 percent. in the entire market and 2.6 percent in its Chinese part.

“Puls Biznesu” noted that most Chinese cars (63%) were registered by companies. The average price of these cars is just over PLN 227,100. zloty.

The most popular “Chinese” model in Poland is the Volvo XC60 with over 3,000 sales. registration. The next two places also belong to this manufacturer (XC40 over 2.2 thousand and XC90 – almost 1.1 thousand). Fourth place is taken by MG HS (996) and fifth by MG ZS (744). The next five places belong to Volvo models (including the electric EX30 model built on a Chinese platform in 6th place). BAIC Beijing 5 takes 11th place with 172 registrations. (PAP)

Author: Anita Karwowska


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